About Us

We are a consulting and training provider whose purpose is to develop, produce, and promote courses in professional training, personal development, empowerment, educational programs, and related product lines. We strive to support small businesses and individuals who want to start a small business by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. We can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations.


4 dimensions of Beliefs (4th dimension = manifestation / creation)

  1. Community of small biz
  • Belief that like-minded and like-spirited biz can band together to affect change faster and in unexpected ways
  • Belief that no biz is an island and that a community is needed to raise a child / biz
  • Belief that if biz wants to stay small, then by joining together with other small biz, it can achieve big biz influence
  • Belief that biz want to connect on a different level other than just money (soul-level)
  • Belief that America was built on the backs on small biz, and now small biz will save America.
  1. Pay it forward / philanthropy / mentor / leaders / training / encouragement / guidance / gratitude
  • Belief that biz has the desire to make a difference and assist other biz
  • Belief in the spirit of small biz owners
  • Belief that biz is not afraid to make money, as making money is a tool for change
  • Belief that a small biz can grow up into a caring medium or big biz, thus spawning other new small biz
  • Belief that biz can pay decent wages, give benefits and still have money for donation purposes
  • Belief that biz can and should give back to their community and to other biz, especially new ones
  1. Open to: Synergies / power / success / innovation / think big / courage of ownership
  • Belief that the synergies of biz can create extraordinary solutions, if biz is open and ready for the opportunities that appear
  • Belief that by working together, small biz will thrive
  1. Alignment of vision / purpose / passion / personal & biz / spirit / soul
  • Belief that personal life and biz life should be aligned, which compounds the passion
  • Belief that biz is guided by purpose and passion beyond money
  • Belief that biz have the strength to easily achieve their visions
  • Belief that biz is not stuffy